About Me

Hi! My name is Stephanie McPherson. I started this journey to health and wellness in my early 20's. So up until my early 20's, I was able to eat whatever and as much of “whatever” as I wanted and still look like I was in shape. While I looked great, I did not feel great. I was always suffering tiredness and overall aches and pains throughout my entire body. I ate the typical American/young person diet, filled with fast/processed food and sugar. Then one day around 21 years old, I started noticing saddlebags around my thighs.  I was like, Oh Hell No! Fortunately, the guy I was dating at that time was very diligent about going to the gym and eating healthy. He encouraged me to come with him to the gym, so I did and this is what started my journey to better health through what I put into my body and as well, the way I started to care for it. I started researching everything I could about how to have a physically fit, healthy and sexy body.

 I have been on this journey now for 24 years. I can tell you that I feel as good and have just about as much energy as I did throughout my 20’s! I run circles around women 10 and even 20 years younger than myself who do not care for themselves. I hear so often from other women my age as well as young girls when they learn my actual age,"Oh My, I wanna look like you!!!" Most importantly is how I feel at my age than just how I look! It takes more than just going to the gym twice per month, eating lean cuisine and drinking diet coke or working out and eating like a bird right before an important event. I AM IMPORTANT EVERYDAY!! I am so fortunate that I had that experience early in life, because it has lead me to take personal responsibility for my health and make the daily commitment in my decisions to care for, love and respect myself.

Through this journey, my passion is to inspire you to love and respect your-self, so making healthier choices becomes second nature for you! I am so excited to motivate you to take the personal responsibility necessary for better health, wellness…and happiness!

So, Start NOW the journey to feeling and being more AWESOME!!!!

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands!